Big mistake please help

  1. Big mistake please help

    Hi, Im sorry to post here but I really need advice. I know this was REALLY REALLY stupid, but about a year and a half ago i did a cycle of spawn (potent ph) without pct. What happened was (without getting in too much detail) my girlfriend broke up with me. I was extremely depressed and thought I had to win her back with big muscles. Like I said i was so stupid, I didnt do any research at all. About a year ago i realize what i did and have been freaked out ever since. The one thing that scares me most is I don't think my balls returned to full size. I did get a couple physicals since, in which the doctor checked my balls both times, but never said anything. I got a blood test, but it only tested my testosterone and it came back normal. The good thing is i can still have sex, but i dont think its where I once was. BTW i'm 25. My question is, can I run a pct now (nolva, clomid, etc..) just to be safe. Or can that make things worse. Once again I am really sorry for this post, but please I ask for your help!!

  2. I think that it is probably in your head. If you got blood work done and everything was where it needs to be then I wouldn't worry. If you still think you are low then I would go get it tested again and show them to your doctor for interpretation.

  3. You're just paranoid. Whats done is done though, running nolva now after tests have come back normal would be silly.

  4. I remember when I was 25 and every ounce of my self-esteem was packed into my Holy Scepter of Sordidness and it's ability to dazzle and amaze women with it's daring feats of dangerous delight.

    And I also remember be deathly afraid that one day I'd lose my superhuman powers ...

    It's in your head brother ... relax and bump your ugly and concentrate on other things in life.

  5. Thanks a lot guys!! I feel a lot better now

  6. Just to add. It is DEFINITELY in your head. I did a lot of stupid PHs right out of high school and always worried the same as you once I knew better. I was always worried about test levels and fertility. I got my fertility checked a while back for different reasons and every thing is good. Now maybe my hair line would be where it is supposed if it wasn't for the PH's but everything else is all good.

  7. Ill add that you are most likely fine since the old school guys didnt do pct, this is a newer concept. Btw you appear lucky bc i got the sides of the devil when i cycled.

  8. It's all in your head man. I really doubt you sat down and analyzed the size and situation down there prior to going on a cycle, so how can you legitimately be sure that they didn't return to normal size? You can't, you're good man.

  9. Spawn was insane, I think it was a H drol, M drol, and Phera complex. Super potent. But regardless, you're fine, it's all in your head.


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