Your Opinion Matters!

  1. Your Opinion Matters!

    Plan on doing a 6 week Anabolic Growth Stack(Andro, 4ad, Decavol). 4th cycle along those lines, BTW. That part is a done deal and why I am posting in this section.

    Have access to SERM, although I have done everything but Decavol for 6 weeks bedore with no issues. Just using an OTC PCT. Last time Erase, TestoPro, and TCF-1 worked great.

    I plan on using Erase again. Aside from that, I plan on using L.I.T. UP instead of TCF-1. So:

    TestoPro or Titanium?

    What else do you folks suggest? An HGH product perhaps?

    I am hesitant to change too much from last time since I kept damn near all my gains but am open to suggestions.

  2. I'm currently taking Testopro right now and I'm happy wih the results, but that Titanium looks very will be my next choice for a Tbooster.

    I'm not for sure if its just great marketing, but it seems as though it should be better.....check it out.

    You said you were satisifed with the results last time....right?

  3. Yes. I was very happy with the results. Titanium has more Testofen and LCLT, while Testo Pro has Stinging Nettle.

    I am leaning toward TestoPro with bulk LCLT. Anyone know with everything I'm taking, does the stinging nettle even matter. Not to mention, who knows how much is even in there.

  4. Splitting hairs here, but I don't think Titanium has testofen.

    Maybe someone more knowledgeable will chime in.

  5. i believe either would be fine, ur splitting hairs
    DAA will raise test thru the correct means to start production again
    Erase will keep estrogen and cortisol (maybe) undercontrol
    Stinging Nettle will raise free test but lower total test (you dont need to raise free test when you have none really, pointless really)
    LCLT will raise androgen receptor amount in muscle tissue, this allows your test to bing to more androgen receptors (good both on and off cycle)
    Testofen works thru similar means as DAA but is also a potent libido booster which is of benifit.
    Go with either it wont matter much

  6. I have some questions that I cant post here. Can someone give a soldier some help please?

  7. sure, pm me

  8. Ay sweetlou, did you get that ? man idk about this site setup yet.

  9. Yeah, just went with TestoPro. I found myself singing its praises on other threads so it seemd the obvious choice. I'm sure Titanium is a fine product but the "proprietary" combo in TestoPro already proved itself and my upcoming stack is gonna be heavier. Gonna add in some LCLT for good measure. L.I.T. UP will take it over the top. Thanks all!

  10. Add the LCLT both on and off, serves to benifit both times and will also help keep fertility high.

  11. im new to all this but im about to start the same stack (1andro, 4ad, decavol) and had some pct questions, as of right now i have Form-x, i was wandering if i should add anything else to my pct?


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