Anyone try Animal Rage yet?!

  1. Anyone try Animal Rage yet?!

    Hey guys im wondering if i should stick with Muscle Marinade or try animal rage

  2. Universals products are old and outdated. I remember when I first started working out I believed all of the crap that the reps were telling me so I went out and bought Pak, Pump, Omega, Flex. I was taking like 30+ pills a day and was feeling like crap. I've tired Pak, Pump, Omega, Flex, Nitro, PM, EAA nitro, BCAA's and they were all crap. The only product I like is Liver tabs. I really hope that Rage is good stuff because everything else I have tried has sucked.

  3. im gonna go with muscle marinade its had good reviews! :]

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ThER6KinG View Post
    im gonna go with muscle marinade its had good reviews! :]
    A few of my friends use it and they seem to like it a lot. The effects from the stims seem to wear off after a while though.

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