Trinitine or C-bol?

  1. Trinitine or C-bol?

    Looking for a new creatine to try, Im a big fan of pill form. I currently take kre-alkalyn at 4 pills/day.

    Im taking ultima for Pre W/o so the c-bol/trinitine will be for days i dont take ultima. Or are these better taken on workout days? with mono on off days?

  2. I would go with C-bol and use them on work out days.

  3. if im using them on workout days, should i cut out the ultima? or just run a lower dose on days i use ultima?

  4. Does V3 still contain Trinitine?

  5. Trinitine is legit!!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Does V3 still contain Trinitine?
    I believe nutra is still carrying v2.


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