Pro hormones and pain killers?

  1. Pro hormones and pain killers?

    Well I am taking percocet 10/325 for a plate in the back of my neck and was wondering if I ran a ams cycle if it is dangerous or not.

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  2. percocet has acetaminophen in it. either percocet or ph will put additional stress on your liver.

  3. do u take daily or as needed? if daily I would scrap it,if as needed u can prob get by I take mobic daily for RA and had no major issues just keep ur support solid

  4. Well is there anything I can ask my doc that would be better for me?

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  5. oxycodone. it's percocet without the acetaminophen

  6. tell hime tylenol gives you headaches. he may switch you to the one with advil in it. Which would be less harsh on the liver.

  7. So its just the acetaminophen in the pill that messes the liver up. The pain killer itself has no liver damage side effect?

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