how can i improve this

  1. how can i improve this

    Just about to start a bulk when my ultima comes in. already eating 3500 cals a day minimum. This is what i got so far, please let me know if you recommend anything else!

    orange triad
    flaxseed oil
    5lbs dymatize chocolate mint protein
    5lbs dymatize butter cream toffee
    heavyweight gainer 900
    2 tubs isolate blast 900 isolate protein

  2. Ideal "bulk" diet for someone your height would be more like 4500 cals. It seems like alot, but I would consider 3500 more of a maintaining diet.

    The tools look good, i've heard outstanding things about the ultima.

  3. Yeah, at your bodyweight, 4500-5000 is more of a bulk! Right around 3500 is my maintanence and we're close in bodyweight.

  4. good post. reps ^^
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  5. thanks for the info guys. i agree i should step it up. i am only 21 too so my metabolism is still on the high end. i'll just make and extra homemade weight gainer for work at thats that. extra 600 cals easy..



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