Halovar - Cycle, etc..

  1. Exclamation Halovar - Cycle, etc..

    So today I started my 6 week cycle with Halovar.
    Going to be doing 50/75/75/75/75/75

    It had been nearly a year since I last took oral roids due to a Torn rotator cuff, and knee surgery after deployment to Baghdad.

    I bought one over priced bottle at a local supplements store down the street. Then came home to order another bottle at half the price from *************.

    My cycle is going to consist of alot of repetitions, and a very high protien diet. Pretty much all protien shakes, steak, chicken, etc..

    Next to none cardio will be done, unless I can buy an oliptical machine.

    All information reguarding this supplement, and personal experiences are appreciated.

    I have done my homework, but more is better.

    Is Nolvadex sufficient for a PCT off this ph? I'm looking online, and wondering how many pills, and what is the daily dose.

    Thanks alot, Chad

  2. Nolva at 40/40/20/20
    Add a test booster too
    Anabolic Designs Represenative
    Perform and Transform

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