for my knowledge

  1. Question for my knowledge

    There are 3 products I've seen that I've always been curious about and wanted to see if any of u guys have tried and had good effects from. CLA I know its for the reduction of body fat and helps maintain muscle but how good is it and do u really not lose muscle? HMB I've heard its an alternative to creatine for those who don't want water retention. What is it really and how good would it work for an 18 year old. ZMA I've been told it helps u naturally produce test and get better deeper sleep thus promoting growth and hgh. How good is it again on an 18 year old.

  2. Your subject line is vague, and may not attract many people to read the post, but my $.02...

    Both CLA and HMB never seemed to do anything for me, even with massive doses. I think that CLA seems to have some believers, but HMB is pretty much shot down in the BB community.

    ZMA is one of those things I tried a couple times, but as part of a stack, so I can't say that ZMA itself was effective or not. It sure looked good on paper (then again, so do many ineffective supps), and I can usually use some extra zinc and magnesium in my diet, so I do not feel I wasted my money.

  3. Yea I was hoping because of the vagueness that I would attract curious people

  4. I have used ZMA, I do believe that it works, and is something that is nessesary if your lacking in those fields with your diets.

  5. ZMA gives me a great sleep
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