Alpha T2/OxyElitePro/Erase with Tren+T3?

  1. Alpha T2/OxyElitePro/Erase with Tren+T3?

    Hey guys. Wasn't sure if this should be posted here or anabolics but since im currently on the uppliments I thought I'd try here. So currently i take oxy elite pro/erase/alpha t2 stack. Been using it solo for weight loss with only daa and a multi vitamin as my other suppliments. I have recently purchised Tren-E 200 and a supply of t3 25mcg. Although I'm pretty sure with the normal dosages and such, I'm wondering if I should discontinue the use of any of the other suppliments so I don't have and adverse reactions or wether the oxy stack is ok to continue with. Also if the erase should be discontinued till afterthe cycle? Thanks for any information guys.

  2. As I read on here alot I just rtealize the first thing I'll be asked is diet and weight etc and forgot to post it. I was 170lbs in great shape in college. Since then ballooned up to 280. currently at 225. I have gained a ton of muscle since then as well. I benched somthing like 135 then and now bench 275 x3, 225 for sets. Bicep curels 115, triceps the same. So I'm actually very muscular now (in comparison to my old self, not necceserly to everyone on here) arms, chest, back, etc im very happy with, though always like a little more, but still have at least 20lbs belly fat to drop. My scale I have says I'm at 29% body fat but I find that a challenge to believe as I'm cut everywhere but my belly, including upper abs. Thanks again for any help.

  3. Gonna want to post this one in the anabolics section
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  4. Ok, thank. I wasn't real sure due to the fact that the question was actually about the supp.

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