bcaa and muslce milk

  1. bcaa and muslce milk

    hey i'm new to this site, so sorry if i post in the wrong section or something. i've recently heard about bcaa and i normally take muscle milk post-workout. should i take bcaa and muscle milk after my workouts or like bcaa during and then muscle milk afterwards? or should i just stick with one and not the other? i'm just thinking about the timing and whether to take both together separately or just one of them. i also usually eat after i workout so is that okay or should i take bcaa/muscle milk and then eat later? Thanks

  2. If your cash flow is good, I would do BCAA during the workout then muscle milk after the workout. I would recommend scivation Xtend. If your cash flow isn't so good at the moment, Protein over BCAAs any day. Also on a side note, Muscle milk is mostly a casien protien blend which is a slow releasing protein. Very good for a meal replacement or before bed, but after a hard workout you want a powder that is composed of mostly whey protein for faster digestion.

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  3. Check out Purple Wraath as a BCAA.

    It has BCAA/EAA as well as an endurance complex with beta alanine and citrulline malate

    This is formulated to be taken during your workout

  4. Dont add bcaa's to you muscle milk or you'll ruin the flavor. If you like muscle milk and its working for you, stick with it, otherwise there are better options. If your looking for a bcaa's we sell Instantized bcaa's. Mix it with Crystal light and it will taste fine. Take Ibcaa's before and during your workout and then after drink the muscle milk.
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