need to choose best natty stack...

  1. Wink need to choose best natty stack...

    Ive looked into DS stack with act x, triazole, lean xtreme


    looking to bulk...which one? anyone used one or the other?

  2. DS is a good company, very reputable, but i dont think lean xteme is gonna help you bulk, idk just my thought.

    either stack is good though and should compliment your routine and diet well, if they are in place.
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  3. i LOVE HGHup + Prime + Sustain Alpha
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  4. TestoPRO is a great test booster if your looking for a stack you can check out the Swole Stack or Ultimate Body Transformation stack.

  5. Swole Stack has yet to fail me. Im also a big fan HGHpro. The Ultimate Body Transformation stack is excellent.

    Testopro, Testforce2 is a nice stack but add in something like HGHpro to keep prolactin low. Stoked would also bee a good addition to that stack.

    Never tried the Activate or Triazole but Lean Xtreme treated me well.

    Personally I would go with the testopro/testforce mix then add in an HGH booster and something to regulate estrogen. A nice stack that hits all the angles you would want in a natty stack.
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  6. A great natty stack believe it or not is the Testosterone Recovery Stack along with Phyto Testosterone<which is underrated imo.



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