Need some direction..

  1. Need some direction..

    I have done my fair share of research but I am still left without answers. I always have my diet in check and have tweaked my diet in many different ways to achieve what I want to no avail.

    I'm 24 years old, 5'7 about 180lbs with approx. 20% body fat and 4 years lifting experience. I want to reduce body fat to 12% or less. I have done many different workouts and I do cardio but it only works for the first 2 weeks then the results die down very quickly.

    I take protein, creatine, vitamins and oils. I have tried many different supplements with little effect such as, Novadex XT from Gaspari, Trifecta Stack, the Swole stack and a bunch of fat burners with no effects seen at all.

    I went to the doctor for a blood test and my test levels were exactly in the middle range (I forget the actual numbers), which seems odd to me. I exercise regularly, always eat cleanly and I always get enough sleep, yet my test seems on the low side. I'm starting to think that I just cant beat my genetics (most of family is overweight).

    So, I'm trying to find something that is mild and safe and will help me achieve my goal. Have I been trying the wrong supplements or am I just genetically unlucky?

  2. for your weight goals, diet is what is going to get you to reach them. as far as test, stack HGHup + a test booster of your choice...Free Test, Sustain Alpha, TestoPRO...etc HGHup will help you lose some fat and gain muscle as well. stay on the protein and creatine. make sure u have a multi. drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat high protein, low carbs, healthy fats like almonds, nuts..etc.......taking two bottles of HGHup back to back (1 followed by the second bottle) is when ur going to see the real results that HGHup can provide.
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  3. I want HGHup now. It sounds like a miracle pill.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BuzzLightyear View Post
    I want HGHup now. It sounds like a miracle pill.
    HGHup is not a miracle pill lol with proper diet and training, it will help you tons sure, but u have to put in the work as well. i gained 4 pounds off of one bottle.
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