Who Wastes Money on Glutamine?

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  1. Thats a legit point, But its still a watse of money when you can buy a solid protein with a good amino acid profile that includes a significant amount of glutamine, like Optimum 100% whey.

  2. i bought a 5lb tub of glut peptides w/ my roommate last year for $40 from kilosports. We each put down $20, and he never found a scale to take out his half, so he let me keep it all...5lbs of glut for $20, talk about a good deal =P

  3. Thats a hell of a deal, butn ot everyone is going to get that deal...thats pretty rare, but good luck certainly went your way.

  4. Damn Blaze, that is a good deal. I get 2lbs of peptides for $29 and I'm fine with that, but that is killer! I'll have to check kilo now and see what they're at.

  5. Shiot Blaze, if glut had ever allowed me to heal up every 3 days, I'd be a pro bb by now lol. I've gone as high as ~30 g, just didn't work as well for me. That's great if you notice such a benefit though, and ended up with that much bulk powder

    By the way, I want to throw in this quick price comparo for you bros:
    KiloSports- you're looking at 1kg/2.2lbs-$40
    Optimum Nutrition (through DPS) at 1kg/2.2lbs-$33
    Prolab (through Muscleshoppe) at either 400g-$17 or 1000g $38.50
    Eclipse (DPS) at 1kg-$37
    SuppDirect at 2.5kg-$80

    so Weave you've got the good deal workin
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  6. u get 60% less from kilo now for the same price....whata jip.

    then they'll raise the price more, and run a special and drop off a few $$. I hate them now.

  7. Well I might just be tempted to try this **** again dammit... anywhere else that might be cheaper than Optimum's 1000g/33$?

  8. I should clarify on my original post where I say I dismissed it as crap.
    I feel it's beneficial when cutting and eating below maintenance calories. It may help with soreness but I personally never felt a difference. I bought a tub way back and still have a good amount, so I use it for those reasons. I take it through a few training phases, as opposed to year round as I used to do.

    If you're taking it with your protein, then you're definitely wasting your money because it supposedly inhibits the absorption of the other aminos (as taking loads of any single amino will do).


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