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    I've been cycling TKA one month on and one month off for a total of 3 months so far, taking 5 days on 2 days off during the course of the month. Now my question is would I need some type of estrogen blocker or reducer? I've never had any problems with high estrogen but then again the only staples Ive taken while BB is protein,creatine,fish oil, multi v. Any input would be great. I'll also add that while not on TKA I sometimes use Maca , Avena,HGW and such for libido boosts. (I basically stick to just herbs)

  2. erase, free test, TRS stack
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  3. If I take erase half dosage would that be sufficient? Also can I just take the Tongkat and Erase alone and drop the others you mentioned? The Tongkat I have is pretty potent, its 200:1 and its effects are noticable, I think taking testpro also would be slight overkill.

  4. Also this might sound like a silly question but to control estrogen and perhaps lower it would broccoli extract pills work at 500 mg?

  5. Ok so I picked up a bottle of Erase. So I'm gonna run just the Tongkat and Erase for an 8 wk cycle. Is this a decent cycle just to get my nat test up for libido and more defenition? Im currently 5'8 183lbs. I have a good amount of bulk but need to cut the gut a little and need higher libido! I've been to lethargic!

  6. I've been taking Tongkat Ali for about 3yrs on and off. First time I'm hearing that one needs estrogen control with this. Yes Tonkat Ali raised libido but it did not effect me like there was a major testosterone real increase in mass. Just because there is an increase in libido dosen't necessarily mean the test levels are skyrocketing.

  7. I was always under the assumption that an estrogen controller was not needed too. I just figured I'd ask just in case somebody knew something I wasnt aware of. I do think the TKA might bedoing a little someting to my test because I have noticed a significant change for better and worse in my personality while cycling it, also had very minor breakouts.


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