Protein Bar Reviews

  1. Protein Bar Reviews

    I swear there was a protein bar review before where they tested bars to see how much they protein/carbs/cals each had.. and a lot of them didn't even contain nearly as much protein as they were supposed to.. but I can't find where the info was..

    can anyone point me in that direction.. looking for a friend..

  2. You may be referring to reviews like this one:****20

  3. thanks that's exactly what i was looking for.. wish they'd keep updating =(

    any other places anyone can remember that tests bars?

  4. MAN they need more updates!!!!

  5. Mike stopped testing. The lawsuits and such were not worth it.

  6. From my research, I'm going to try Detour bars from Next Nutrition. They also had a test done on them, results on Mike's board under "reviews".

    They get really high taste reviews, and described as "Snickers on Steroids"

  7. Code:
    Total Fat
    Skark, just be careful if you're counting calories/carbs/sugar, as you can see for yourself with Mike's test results that Next Nutrition definitely doesn't have their act together in terms of meeting label claims.

  8. Screw buying bars, just make Wardog's recipe (or buy them from Sheesh), you know what your getting and it tastes good.


    PS: I'm eating one right now and it's delicious

  9. Dude, protein bars makes guys huge!! Cram 10 of those a day and you'll be the next Coleman. Bars truly suck. Only a few out there contain no collagen, low saturated/total fat, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetners etc. Stick with homemades.... if you're gonna have a detour bar, why not just eat a snickers bar with a protein shake? Same deal.... but then again, the processed protein in bars are awesome NO

  10. I have a hard time getting all the protein I need. After being on an LC diet for over two years straight, its hard to eat the stuff. So if it tastes like a Snickers bar, and has 30g of protein, fine with me. As for the protein shake, I already have one a day and don't want to add another.

    I know about the label claim issues and will be using the tested values, not the label ones.

    If I had a recipe to make my own bars I would certainly look into it.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Skark
    If I had a recipe to make my own bars I would certainly look into it.
    Here's what I found, going back to an old thread by WD. Works and taste good.

    16 ounces Natural peanut butter
    8 tablespoons honey
    six scoops of Optimum Chocolate whey protein powder
    1 cup of uncooked oatmeal

    Mix the pb and honey in a bowl, microwave on full for 80 secs. Add the rest and mix together. Can add raisins/nuts etc to taste. Smooth into 13x9 tray and leave for 20 mins. Cut into 10 to 12 equal bars and wrap and store in fridge

    Why I'm so against protein bars is that even if the nutrition lives up to the label claims, 30g of protein from a bar to me, isnt the same quality of protein from powder (drinks), and obviously whole foods (chicken, eggs, red meat, fish, you know the list).

  12. Sage,
    Thanks for the recipe

  13. Sheesh, are you still selling your bars?

  14. My recipe :

    -100 g of whey protein powder
    -0.5 cup of almonds
    -3 cup of oatmeal
    -3.5 cup of skim milk

    When cooking is over, let the cooking grill cool down at room temperature, and put the result into the fridge for about 7-8 hours. After this, I just cut into 10 equals bars that will each give me 235 calories, 18g prot. 28g of Low Gi carbs and 5-6g of good fats

    You can play with the quantity of the ingredients too if you want to adjust macronutriments ratio, but these bars are so great, I eat a minimum of 1 each day.


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