Anyone use cellucor d4 thermal ?

  1. Anyone use cellucor d4 thermal ?

    Buddy of mine bought it. Said it made him freak out and become really paranoid. So I told him sounds good and send it my way.
    Took 1 pill first thing this morning with 2 at-2 and holy crap. Was warm all over. Like sweating and it's snowing out, but then I also started to feel a little weird. Like lightheaded and then tired and then very awake ! Anyone else have any experience with this thermal ? Is it worth a damn ? I mean I got it for free but still.....

  2. Ok think ill do a little review for
    People that might be thinking about taking this. Simply don't
    The thermal effects are good but it has major drawbacks !
    1. Took only 2 pills yesterday. 2nd one being 4 hours before training. Didn't feel anything from the second pill but after 1 minute of grappling I thought inwas having a heart attack. I didnt een have effects like that from the ec stack. Felt almost uncontrollable. Not good.
    2. I can't stop pooping. Seriously. Stomach cramps are ridiculous.

    Really don't think anything else needs to be added. OEP was much much better then this. Luckily I didn't have to pay for it.

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