Supplement advice??

  1. Supplement advice??

    Hey guys so I'm not terribly new, never really post but take a lot from what I read. Figured it's time to reach out and get some advice for me personally. Just as a little background about me I'm 22, 5'9" about 170. Got a good routine and feel like I got enough supps to take but not sure I'm exactly taking the right ones. I really want to just bulk right now more than anything. Currently, I'm taking Jack3d and Con-Cret as my pre-workouts, than I have O.N. hydrowhey and just take some GNC Amino Burst or whatever that was given to me. I have a basic multi-vitamin as well as my fish oil w/ omega 3,6,9. I'm not really liking Jack3d surprisingly as much as I've read good things, I just don't feel like it's helping me focus or maximize my workout. Not feeling like Con-Cret is working all that much either. Looking to get a better Amino blend, unless my Hydrowhey is good enough. Don't know your guys thoughts on that. Also looking for a good multivitamin. Other than that I'm open to whatever you guys think is best to continue or start doing to maximize my efforts.

  2. IGF-2 stacked with Drive.

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