Getting sick off N'Sane

  1. Getting sick off N'Sane

    Ok, maybe its just me, but has anyone else tried this neon drink. I have been on N'Sane by cellshock for about a week now. The first time I take it, it gives me a nauseous feeling. But after that for the next 5days I'm good, but after my rest day, and I take it again, I'm back to getting the woozy feeling.

    I know it shouldn't surprise me when I mix it and it looks like radiator coolant lol.

    anyone else have a problem taking a break from a product, then getting back on and feeling sick for the first day or so?

  2. I haven't tried N'sane, but I was told the brand Cellshock is owned by Nutrishop, which is why you will only find it there and it gets promoted by the Nutrishop owners a lot because of higher profit margin as compared to Jack3d for example.

    Overall, I know people who have used Jack3d, and or N'sane, and most of them do report feeling nausea or tingling sensation when taken on empty stomach. The stuff is loaded with stimulants thus you will build tolerance fairly quickly, so when you take a break your body reset itself and the effect hits all over again. Honestly, if something makes me feel like that I would stay away from it. Just m

  3. Hey mate,

    I had a similar experience when taking ASGT+anadraulic pump together. I felt awsome initially. But towards the end of the workout i feel ****. The next day id have a massive comdown! I couldnt work out what was wrong as id taken preworkouts before. In the end i nailed it down to the 1,3 dymeth in the Anadraulic pump. I found it didnt agree with me. If N sane has 1,3 in it it might be that.

    I can run ASGT byi tself no problem.

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