hmb vs leucine

  1. hmb vs leucine

    which would you recomend i can get hmb in bulk for only a few $ more per 500g is it worth it over normal leucine?


  2. I would go with hmb, although it's optimal to add both. 3-5g split in pre-, during and postworkout.

  3. Considering HMB is a metabolite of leucine, I'd go that route. Using it in a similar fashion (between meals) should lead to greater results from just leucine alone.
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  4. How much is "only a few $ more"?
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  5. well im in uk its £4 more per kg

  6. Id skip them alltogether. I used HMB years ago - it was a total flop for me and just about everyone that used it.

  7. Its not a miracle, anything prohormone like, but imo I think Leucine and HMB works. Ive been using a lot of leucine lately and using Muscle Synergy wich has 3g of hmb in it. Strength and recovery are looking good and I am leaning out as well ( my diet is "on" and so is my workout program ).

  8. It seems redundant since you can only use so much leucine in one given hour befoe you peak why both?

  9. Honestly, HMB works, but you need to dose it in the 9 grams a day range to get the desirable effects which all the bullsh*t marketing and hype would have you believe. However, to be honest...HMB is too expensive and not worth the investment considering you can just buy a sh*t ton of leucine for dirt cheap and get the same or better results. As has been are going to be getting some HMB anyway by using leucine because it is a metabolite of leucine.



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  10. Hard to say. Lecine had a spot in the sun with people who buy bulk powders. HMB was sold at a low dose in lots of formulas back in the day, but it is hard to find people who have nexperience with bulk doses.


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