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    just recieved my order of slin sane and have a little question. would the consuming of 60 gms complex carbs and proteine pre workout in the form of compelx carb powder and a whey isolate protein drink be ok as i work out at 5 am before work and usually have a post w/o breakfast of an omlet and water at around 8 am before work. also during workout i consume extend bcaa, and protein shake right after the workout.

  2. That should be fine.

  3. well i did just that and it seemed to be just fine have to do it this way due to time constraints. felt full after the pre workout drink of protein and carb powder but the feeling subsided before the workout as i took it at 4 am and work out is at 5 am. Im going to continue this for a while and see how i feel and log the results slinsane and protocol seemed to work as there is a feeling of fullness in my arms, chest and shoulders. today is chest day. so im off and running with this and we will see.

  4. Great :-) I'm glad to see this setup is working for you. Both protocol and slinsane get better with time. I'm sure you wont be disapointed with further use.

  5. Looks good bro, your gtg!



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