teen lookin to get big

  1. teen lookin to get big

    Hey i"m an 19 year kid coming off a serious knee injury and its been 2 years from it and i am looking to gain 30 lbs (i'm 150) to become 180 and be able to play on my college team. I currently am doing physical therapy on my knee still. But i am at full go to get big. I currently have an umlimited meal plan am lookng for a workout 6x a week mon- saturday. and a meal plan I plan on waking up at 8 or 9 every morning adn to workoutaorund 10 then go to my classes. My supplements i am getting ready to purchase/or have our: Rebuilt mass super anabolic weight gainer from Gnc, waxy maize (carbohydate),no shotgun, myofusino protein powder,osteo sport and joint force sports stack,ADAM multivitamin (havent gotten it yet skeptical if i shood get a different one instead?),KreALkalyn creatine,L arginine pills (1000 mg).

    A workout and diet would be great i am looking to bulk up to 180 then tone up for basketball and be able to play college ball next yeaer help would be great.

  2. Protein Powder, Creatine Mono.. and eat eat eat
    Wholesaler for Superdrol

  3. unlimited meal plan. nuff said

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