Anyone here have experience with B.P.I. Sports Supps?

  1. Anyone here have experience with B.P.I. Sports Supps?

    Having tried 1.MR and their stim rx6, I wasn't to impressed. But they have a product out which seems interesting namely roxylean eca. Not sure if anyone here has tried it or knows of anyone who has and how they rate their experience on the product?

  2. Never tried it but it doesnt seem special.

  3. hey guys I'm new to this site but let me tell you about my experience with Roxylean

    first day I took just one pill in the morning to see how my body tolerated it, totally killed my appetite for the rest of the day, gave me a runny nose but i did feel a lot of energy.

    Day 2 took two pills before a workout around 4pm and felt a lot of energy again, super thirsty, no appetite the rest of the day, finally made my self eat something that night, couldn't sleep all night, threw up and had horrible nightmares.

    Day 3 took 1 pill in the morning around 6 am and by 10am i had a high fever, heart was racing, my eyes started to tear my nose was running again, aches and pains felt like I had the FLU!

    In the 3 days I took this supplement I did loose 2 1/2 pounds. This was no different from the amount of weight I usually loose when I have the flu, so i guess BPi is using Flu like symptoms as a weight loss method. This fat burner made me feel horrible i would not recommend this to ANYONE!

    and BTW is made it almost impossible to get an erection.

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