toco 8

  1. toco 8

    i get more on my fingers then in my homo

  2. Haha, yeah, the scooper is tiny... I use the scoop that came with PP's bulk Beta Alanine as a substitute and fill it up about half way.

  3. scooper is small but i jsut happen to stick it straight in and not allow the bottle to tip over at all

  4. took a look at the scooper, got rid of it. i use the end of a butter knife. I have been doing this to long not to be able to eye ball it.

  5. Hey whatever works is what i say!!

  6. Take the scoop out and store it in a plastic zip lock bag, that way you can get to it easier.

  7. or you can try NSI Tocomin SupraBio Palm Tocotrienol Complex, Comes in softgels

  8. I just chug the whole container down so I don't have to worry about it for a few weeks

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BrockR View Post
    I just chug the whole container down so I don't have to worry about it for a few weeks

    Thats two months worth, oh if it were only that simple. Personally I just do it parachute style like the old yellow gold, only toco-8 doesn't taste anywhere near as bad as the yellow gold did.

  10. I just wish primordial would make toco in a capsule form also

  11. I just toss a scoop in my protein shakes. Doesn't affect taste at all.
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  12. no real reason to cap it in my opinion. doesnt taste bad at all and its such a small amount anyway. definitely a great staple supp.


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