Lactose Free protein

  1. Lactose Free protein

    can anyone recommend any. thank you.
    happy new year

  2. For Whey: Dymatize ISO-100 or any Hydrolyzed whey. Next best thing is one that is nanofiltered like TruNutrition Sciences Whey and Isolate which are very low in lactose. LG Lipotropic has concentrate in it but is low enough to be called lactose-free and it is cheap. Otherwise you are looking at Egg, Soy, Pea.

    Are you lactose intolerant or just trying to rule things out?

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I am lactose intolerant. I used to take vp2 but I think the new formula has it.
    appreciate the help

  4. Lactose makes me break out in hives =/ Newly acquired allergy. I've had luck with ON's gold standard. I'm sure Syntrax Nectar doesn't have any lactose.

  5. Syntrax is lactose free. ON Gold is very low in lactose.

  6. I developed lactose intolerance about 2 years ago. Once I cleaned up my diet, I'm a lot less sensitive to me protein now.

    For me ON doesn't bother my stomach. I always suspected that to be true of the supposed enzymes to help with digestion. Who knows if that's actually the reason for my tolerance or not?

    In contrast, I really enjoy the fancy syntrax flavors. But they wreck my stomach. Moral would be just to experiment and find what works for you.


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