12 week "transformation"

  1. 12 week "transformation"

    I'd like some help, this is my first strict fitness plan. I've lost 40 pounds in a few months last year, then started slacking. but I'm back and I want to try and go from 13.9% bf to 9% as quick as I can without just only doing cardio and losing all my muscle.

    The head personal trainer at my gym recommends a high carb, low carb, no carb type diet. I think thats what he was trying to say. He said he would email me details later today.

    Now for the real part. Supplements.
    As you can see, I got way too many for my own good, but I'll get around to using them. My current stack that I started this week was all my BSN products (that i regret buying) and extra like protein, multis, fish oil, etc.

    Anyways, what I'm REALLY curious about is Glycobol. I really want to try this product! I just don't want to start taking it till I get the understanding on dosing perfect though. If this diet he shows me is actually good and you guys agree, how would I even dose it? Would I just do like 2x2 high carb day, 1x2 low carb, and 0 on no carb days? Also, how long is glycobol "safe" to take it for, can I take it for this whole 3 months?

    pictures of me.


    edit: sorry about terrible posting skills, I've never really been a forum poster, just reader. I think this is the only forum I ever posted more then 10 posts in my life.
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  2. geezus!!!! thats a lot of supps.

    just a word of advice-ask your question about glycobol in the anabolic innovation section.

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  3. SUPPS GALORE! alright...

    My photo would be a glass of milk, left over mdrol bottle, some milk thistle and an old bowl of oats which i forgot to wash lmao

    I hope your head PT didnt tell ya to only do cardio to bring some weight down?!
    Anyway good luck on you transformation!

  4. lol - my photo would require a panoramic view and could be used as evidence in an illegal possession trial
    Back.... for real this time

  5. Quote Originally Posted by CrazyChemist View Post
    lol - my photo would require a panoramic view and could be used as evidence in an illegal possession trial
    hahahahaha if you ever need somewhere to store those more (awsome) supps id be happy to help look after them for you lol

  6. Holy chit that is a sweet looking picture of supplements.


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