Stacker 3 (w/ephedra and chitosan)

  1. Unhappy Stacker 3 (w/ephedra and chitosan)

    I've been taking this during my offcycle from M1T (ussually about 4 weeks), and been getting fairly good results from it. My question is, I heard that that chitosan stuff is designed to block fats, but in fact blocks all kind of vitamins and minerals. Is there any truth to that? Has anyone ever had good results from chitosan?

    I really hope it doesn't have have that vitamin blocking effect tho (I bought 20 bottles of that stuff before the ban).

  2. Chitosan is known to block certain vitamins as well as fats (macronutrients). If you do take it, I suggest taking it prior to exercise and/or meals. Rely on multi-vitamins as well for any deficiencies

  3. Blocking fats and vitamins doesn't really sound like a good thing. Does that mean I should think about taking my multivitamin an additional time during the day and increasing my good fat intake to compensate for the blockage?

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