Progesterone Gyno question and Epi question

  1. Progesterone Gyno question and Epi question

    So im pretty sure I have I have a mild case of progesterone gyno from an old tren cycle(ended pct and everything about 2 months ago). I noticed I was able to squeeze a very small amount of clear liquid out torwards the end of my cycle which im assuming was from prolactin levels. That was a one time thing an now no longer happens. My nipples however are still puffy to an extent, nothing I cant hide by wearing a wife beater but I would still like to try an reduce this even more. Im assuming the reason they are still puffy is from progesterone induced gyno from the tren cycle that I was unable to fight off. My questions is now is there anyway I could reduce that progesterone gyno besides surgery or is it to late or useless. I know most people recommend Caber but would it do anything since the gyno has already developed?

    Also I wanted to start my epi cycle soon but would the epi make the matter worse? Ive read conflicting things all over the web saying people have gotten gyno from epi(not progesterone i would assume?) and others saying that it has helped them rid them of there gyno. Im assuming epi would not help rid progesterone gyno but Im wondering if it would hurt it. Also would it be possible to run the caber(if it were to help reduce some of the gyno) while i ran the epi or would that just be to dangerous.

  2. It is still in early stage, so caper might work. I would take care of the gyno first. But that is a personal preference.

  3. Epi can aggrevate your prolactin based gyno...letro/caber would be my vote...both reduct prolactin levels and estrogen is reduce by letro

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