Are Digestive Enzymes... really... necessary?

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  1. bdcc, I do not have ulcers. I have been skewered like a roasted pig on multiple occasions by the GI doc.
    I have GERD and a hiatal hernia. As far as HCL, I think it splits down the middle. I believe based on experience and what I've read, that some people do have low stomach acid and can benefit from HCL. Those people see results where other meds/supplements fail and sing the praises of it.

    Poloquin's suggestion of doing a test is a good idea though. I just don't like the way some other sites claim it's the cure-all for stomach problems when, in fact, some people simply produce too much acid and won't benefit from HCL. For me, it was not good. Same for spearmint. While it is great for eso****eal sparms, it is terrible for heartburn, yet included in many heartburn remedies.

    So, it goes something like this: I have a hiatal hernia which allows stomach acid into my eso****us and causes irritation of the LES. Betaine aggravated this condition. In addition, I produce too much stomach acid, which further aggravates things. Unfortunately, I am stuck with taking a PPI daily. Beleive me, I have tried to get off of them with no success. It's not just the rebound effect either, I just have a condition that necessitates them. In another thread, someone had gone to the ER and been prescribed PPI's for what sounded like a LES irritation. I advised them to run it for two weeks and get the heck off them asap or they might get stuck on them for life. Unfortunately, I feel doctors stick people on these things indefinitely all too often.

    So, just wanted you to see the path I've taken with this because I believe it is very important for people to experiment and find out what works for them as well as not believe everything their doctor or homeopath tells them. Everyone is different and trial and error is the key.

    Fortunately, I have been able to cut my PPI dose in half by including enzymes, probiotics, and ginger into my diet. The key for me has been to get it out of my stomach and into the small intestine asap and the aforementioned supps help. In addition, adding certain acidinc fruits (which once digested become alkalizing fruits) helps move things along as well...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Outstanding- I am a huge fan of intestinal cleansing. I have experimented with a few of these, including colonic hydrotherapy and have had varying levels of success. I used to use laxatives before photoshoots to relieve any bloating caused by constipation. I am confident that it makes a difference if you suffer from it. Psyllium husks are extremely good but start at a low dose as they absorb water and can cause further discomfort and constipation if dosed too highly too quickly.
    I have had this happen before, to the point I swore off psyllium husks and just went straight for another fiber product that included soluble fiber.

  3. Just started taking Primal Defense. I need to increase my good bacteria in my small intestine, as I may have a Candida infection.

    I would notice clearer skin and less dryness when I ate a lot of yogurt. Never made the connection. Makes sense now.

    For me I think I'll always take probiotics now.

  4. I don't know how I missed this thread!?!

    Breifly read thru the posts (will re read in a moment)

    I do not believe I seen Acidophilus listed? I've been supplementing with Acidophilus for almost a year and boy oh boy of I don't take it for a few days I feel like complete aS$!

    Ok I'll be reading...

  5. Ill watch so what r the top since alot were mentioned, I'm constantly bloated I might pick some up. How do u guys dose them , one with breakfast?

  6. I tried Now Super Enzymes and they worked okay. Very cheap. I have lots of digestive issues so it was coupled with align pro-biotic. I noticed a less bloating feeling if I dose some before a heavy meal like Pizza.

  7. I found some probiotics at home ill give them a go

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    Ill watch so what r the top since alot were mentioned, I'm constantly bloated I might pick some up. How do u guys dose them , one with breakfast?
    Enzymes are very different depending on the brand. Typically I would stick with what the bottle says to be safe.

    Logic would point to taking them with any meal where you would need digestive support. I used to take them with all high protein solid meals. Alternatively you can add in something that is naturally high in enzymes as well. Some people use apple cider vinegar.

    Before you start experimenting I would double check that your enzyme does/doesn't contain Betaine HCL. If it does you would want to be aware of the dosage and not take it at random dosages.

  9. so what brand of enzymes do people feel to be high quality?

  10. I tool some probiotic complex yesterday, huge stomach pain. Ill try papaye and bromelin next

  11. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    so what brand of enzymes do people feel to be high quality?
    NOW Digest Platinum and Garden of Life Omega-Zyme Ultra are the best of the best and are plant-based but are expensive. Now Super Enzymes are a cheap alternative but the Betaine can irritate you if you have erosions, ulcers, etc. Both are very high in Protease and Lipase.

  12. when i was a child i had digestive problems and almost died. until i was 20 yrs. of age i weighed 125 lbs.,once i started eating right and taking the right supps i gained weight and was on the right track. at about the age of 49 i started having SEVERE pain in the chest and abdomen. after some research i began to use Wobenzym N ,one and a half hour before meals, and Daily Essential Enzymes by Source Naturals. this has proven to help me immensely.


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