assault muscle pharm vs muscle marinade??? which is better?

  1. assault muscle pharm vs muscle marinade??? which is better?

    I've been takin mm but am gettin ready to order again, which is better? I really like mm but this other is cheaper and it for best preworkout of the year

  2. MM is a godsend. I would incorporate it as a regular pre-WO but with that said for best effects you should try cycling it with something that doesn't have the 1,3-dmaa. Looking at this supp, assuming it's not completely loaded with caffeine it should be a good alternative. I've never tried it myself, though.

  3. thanks man....i wasnt goin to cycle it cause i only use it 4 days a week...but now that you said that i will probably do that...let me know if you find any good articles on both...thanks again

  4. also to add to that, i have tried jack3d and it really got me amped for about 3 weeks and then quickly wore off, but it still kept me awake...i dont have that problem with far

  5. also ....what to you guys think about methyl-mass

  6. If you have any specific questions about Assault let me know man, I will be more than happy to help you out.

  7. Basically what I am wonderin is, is assualt comparable to mm? I kno its cheaper by about 10 bucks....I don't kno a whole lot about the ingredients, but what I like about mm is that it lists everything on the label, everything it has in it, it has the amount for it too....I like that me both of them look real simialr, I kno mm doesn't arginine in it....basically any info on assault would be great! And very much appreciated.....also if you think its if worth goin off mm when it seems to be doing the job, to try assault....thanks again

  8. I don't really want to compare the two products for you because I am bias towards Assault and I don't want to come off like I am bashing Purus. I will say though that Assault does not have geranium oil in it but it does have a few key ingredients that MM does not have. Suma Root is included in Assault and that will increase you protein synthesis and also help increase endurance and stamina. It has a couple ingredient that act as nootropics which help facilitate a better mind muscle connection and increase focus. Finally the formula is made for and tested on Athletes so any of the ingredients will not cause any red flags if you are competitive in any sport with strict regulations on supplements.

  9. thanks man!!! very much creatine is in assault?

  10. well i tell you what i think i am going to cycle off mm and try assault, i think its worth a try...thanks for the help and info guys...very much appreciated!!

  11. well just ordered assault!!! stoked to try thanks guys

  12. mm is killer,just bad taste

  13. Cool let me know how you end up liking the product. I would also suggest taking a week or two off from any stimulants all together before you start the Assault because your tolerance is probably pretty high from the MM right now.

  14. Thanks man

  15. Quote Originally Posted by mjwrestler3 View Post
    mm is killer,just bad taste
    Truth. Stuff has this awful burnt birdsh*t flavor (not that I've tried it =p).

    @OP: sounds like a good plan. Assess your caffeine tolerance before using the Assault to see if you should cycle off it first, if you want the stimulating properties of caffeine to help you out from it. I personally don't ever and have never gotten "stimulated" from caffeine so I overlook those properties in a supp; I'd probably need to overdose to feel stimmed by it.

  16. Assault is good is geared toward the more serious athlete where performance matters more than a stimmed out/cracked out feeling. It will get you going, but it is more subtle in the stim department. Personally, it is one of the best pre-workouts on the market IMO and the flavors are phenomenal...great tasting stuff. Nuff said!

    Lastly, this kind of discussion should be moved to the main supplement section. For future reference...this sub forum is for science related discussions pertaining to scientific studies done on supplements and substances used in supplements.



    Primordial Performance

  17. Hey man thanks for the info...I look more at what u get out of the product, I am the same way with stims, it takes a lot fore me to get anything from it....but I am givin it a week off, basically because I got sick so decided to take the week off...definatley ready to get back in the gym already though....sorry about postin on the wrong forum....kinda new to this site sorry bout that guys


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