2011 is gonna be good year

  1. 2011 is gonna be good year

    Just ordered in last few days

    creatine nitrate x5 (bogo)
    mesomorph x5 (bogo)
    orange triad x2 sale
    Body transformation stack x2 (wheycheap $60)
    (testopro, hghpro,glycobol)
    1200 tabs ephedrine hcl(8mg)
    1 resetAD to get ready for above stims
    Triazole x3 (buy 2get1free)

    plus highly motivated to keep getting healthier as ive lost 60lbs since april and strength is way up (dropped to 275 from 335, and bench has gone from barely doing 135 to doing 225 3x, i know its not alot to many of u, but from where i started its huge. Plus quit smoking weed daily, quit ciggarettes completely, and only drink 1-2 times a month, and have a cigar when i do drink......also eating 1000% healthier........also wanna say thanks to alot AM members with solid advice. So anyways, 2010 was good start, 2011 i wanna get to another level.

  2. progress...thats the name of the game--Good job keep it up

    i agree i think its gonna be a great year one which includes the release of Trenavar & MENT[yum]
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  3. Impressive! Just be careful with all those stims, give the AI's a rest when your joint's start acheing, and you should be good to go!

  4. only had $60 left for the sale last night,but picked up
    d-aspartic acid x2
    240 caffeine pills
    another tub Powershock (love this stuff)

  5. when is the next big sales event (valentines,pres day,etc), need lil more protein andanother Orange triad and im good for 6-8 months id say



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