HGHpro Vrs. USP Powerfull for sleep and recovery

  1. HGHpro Vrs. USP Powerfull for sleep and recovery

    I know it's important to get recovery. As I learned while working at a local GNC store in my younger 20's. I learned that most supplements you take before training didn't compare to what you took immediate/post traning. The more you recover the quicker your gains both strength and mass. I am about to order my stack since my Christmas money arrived!!! However I have been stucked on which night time and recovery to buy. I had USP Powerfull and HGHpro in mind. To give a little note, I have tried Ambien, Lunesta, old school Halicon, all presribed to me for sleep. Melatonin doesn't phase me at all. So needless to say I have poor sleep which I am trying to correct. I see where both claim to help sleep aid. Does anyone know which product beats the other or of another that reigns supreme. Thanks

  2. I have used both and found them both to be excellent. I don't think you can go wrong either way.

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