supplements to increase melanocytes

  1. supplements to increase melanocytes

    Many of you might of heard of melanotan injectables increasing melanocytes which leads to both hair and skin darkening.
    Of course many of us donít like the idea of needles and cooling the stuff all the time. So Iíve been looking for alternatives in regards to hair and skin darkening ( not dyes or sunless tanners) but a darkening that comes from within so you donít have the roots growing out problem anymore which would be great for redheads for instance
    Some of the patents are online and some even come with formulas:
    Cosmetic Compositions Comprising Sclareolide and Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone - Patent Application 20100183527
    Molecular switch controls melanin production, may allow true sunless tanning
    Diacylglycerols for Tanning/Darker Hair through increased Melanin? - Forums

    I was wondering if somebody could look into those patents and see what would be best to formulate them ( or one of them). As a private person itís not easy to contact the patent owners of formulators.
    I believe in this and guess itís promising, so all tips are welcome

  2. waste of time imo, melanotan is dirt cheap, so simple and so damn effective..

  3. I don't inject and the patents look very decent and should be effective too, so why would that be a waste of time?

  4. Will this be more or just as effective in terms of results and costs? If so, then good idea.

  5. some sources like the clary sage patent are very cheap so I think it would be cheaper and more practical ( no fridge needed, easier to take on holidays)
    I just need some help to have it formulated ( and to see what would be the best patent out of them)

  6. Can't help you there, but go for it. I doubt the public would use a product like this, and any bodybuilder who knows and wants to use it, is going to stick to injectable mtII, but props to you for trying, hope it works for the best!

  7. Thanks, do you know anyone that could help me formulating this ( or other forums where they're used to getting these kinda questions). Just want to be sure what patent has the best chance so I don't waste too much money before getting on with it.

  8. somebody gave me a formula and said it would darken hair growth and skin, could you please check it out and see if it has a chance to work:

    recipe is
    Ethoxyldiglycol 20%-25%
    Distilled water 60%-80%
    Acetyl tyrosine (better absorbed than tyrosine) 1%-5% (water-soluble)
    Angelica sinensis extract (dong quai) 1%-5% (glycol-soluble)
    preservatives (up to you)

  9. did you end up finding anything


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