Activate extreme and triazole stack help

  1. Activate extreme and triazole stack help

    I picked up AX and trialzole based upon some good reviews here. Can someone give me some advice on how to best stack these? Should i just start taking both of them at the recommended doses on the same day, or should I start one before the other for a few days?????

  2. Anyone? I was looking to start the stack today.

  3. Start the ax first, then start the triazole in the 3rd week! Saw a post by DS REP Matt answering this as many peps where wondering how to stack it

  4. I received a reply from the DS reps saying that its okay to start both at the same time. I'm taking 3 caps twice a day of tha AX since I'm north of 250 lbs.

    My cycle is relatively short, under 8 weeks. There are also dosing schemes that stagger the products, but I think it's more to help extend the cycle out longer so you get more bang for the buck.

  5. If your just running Act X and Triazole it's fine to start them at the same time.

    I see most people running 4 Act X a day, 2 in am on empty stomach and 2 12 hrs. later on empty stomach.
    The Triazole is either 3 or 4 a day depending on your response. I ran 4 and my joints started getting dry so I backed down to 3 and that seems to be my sweet spot.

    Good luck and hopefully you see the strength gains I and some of the others are seeing.

  6. If you want the cycle to last 4 weeks, start them together. If you'd like to extend the cycle to 6 weeks, stagger them apart from 2 weeks. Easy!


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