Beastdrol with Epi...lil help

  1. Beastdrol with Epi...lil help

    I was introduced to Helladrol by a friend. He is on his 3rd cycle. 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. No PCT or any liver support. He is still alive but also an Idiot.

    I just finished my 4 week of Helladrol Stacked with KatanaV2 with a gain of 10lbs, retained all. good clean gains. 2 caps a day Hella and 5 caps of Katana.

    Currently taking PCT and liver support.

    I want to run a cycle of Beast stacked with Epi in a few weeks.
    How long should I wait before I run this?

    beast /20/30/30/30/**/**/
    epi /**/**/30/40/40/40/

    HCGenerate while ON.

    PCT and Sustain-Alpha and Liver support Vit's for OFF cycle.

    Does this look okay? any advice?

  2. Not sure about running the 2 methyls like that. From reading sd(beast) is pretty harsh on it's own. I'm new and learning. Sure someone with more experience will chime in.

    As for time off the general rule of thumb is time on (total cycle length + pct length) = time off so if your cycle was 6 weeks with a 4 week pct you should take at least 10 weeks off.

    Would definitely get a serm (fairly cheap compared to OTC through research chemical sites) to go in the pct for beast.

  3. first, Welcom to AM.

    second, we have a section of the forum dedicated to anabolics...epi, H-drol, and SD are all steroids.

    but, to answer your questions:

    time between cycles = (time on + PCT) x 2
    (ex: 4 week cycle + 4 weeks of PCT would = 16 weeks between cycles...starting the day after PCT ends).

    Your PCT for SD and Epi bridge is not good enough...start doing some research on a propper PCT. OTC PCT is not good enough for this type of cycle.

  4. cycle looks good but you should have a SERM on hand, SD is no joke and will shut you down.
    go visit the anabolics section, this is a ver y common cycle there

  5. Superdrol or Beast is strong enough at 20mg esp at 190lbs, also no need to go over 3 weeks of super either, also super is a prolacting supressor so if your pron to prolactin sides id try to have L-dopa in pct to help relieve the laction that can occur, i got it from super and is still there a lil after many attempts to remove it. Epi is good at 30-40 and reduces estrogen but also supresses prolactin and can cause similar sides to super in this regard, no you cant gyno from estrogen from either of these but you can have prolactin sides. Super gyno is more prolactin gyno then anything.
    So id do Beast 20/20/10
    Epi **/**/30/40/40/40



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