Anarchy Stack - has anyone tried it lately

  1. Anarchy Stack - has anyone tried it lately

    I am curious about the Anarchy Stack that was quite popular about 6 - 7 years ago. People were reporting really good body composition changes with it. I am curious if anyone has done it lately and had good results with it or there a better way to shed fat/change body comp?

  2. Recently I used the alcar and ala and after a few months, following and decent diet I leaned out quite a bit. The ala was great. I took it with carbs it supposedly helps your body utilize carbs better for energy. I didnt use the cla do to cost.

  3. What doses did you use? Also, did you use EGCG extract or green tea?

  4. I think it would be even better in a more modified and up-to-date version. You could replace ALA with Na-R-ALA; CLA with a combination of fish oil and sesamin, and ALCAR with PLCAR.

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