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  1. chest fat

    in a week or two i will starting a stack specifically to rid some fat in my chest. i will be using the liquid nolva from custom @ 40mg for the first 2 weeks to 20mg. also, i will be using lipoderm-ultra with tribex-500. i was wondering if i should add a bottle of lipo-6 w/ ephedra? i already have all of these products and i have been dieting for a while now. i went from 245lbs to 215-220. my rapid weight gains and loss have made the chubby chest more noticable. i am now a determined fella to get rid of it. so, is this a ligit stack or am i missing something? i would appriciate any help. thanks.


  2. Hell yeah add the Lipo-6, it's really good ****. What's up with the Tribex? I'm assuming you haven't messed with any PH or AAS yet?

  3. well, i have done a few cycles of 1ad w/ 4ad. i have been in a slump for a few months and i was hoping the tribex would help my mind frame what so. i may be wrong with this assumption but i might be a little paranoid that my hormones may be out of wack.

  4. We've been looking for some feedback if you'd try this stuff out

  5. We've been looking for some feedback if you'd try this stuff out
    I am going to be starting this in a week or two, so I'll keep everyone posted.

  6. Ok, I understand the lipoderm ultra, good choice for an attempt at spot reduction. The tribex 500......well ok it may help boost test levels, but will more than likely increase libido and not much more in terms of results.

    Now to the Nolva.....have you had blood work done? Do you think you have a case of gyno, or are on post cycle? If not I'm not sure it will necessarily help you either. I know the theory behind doing these type of cycles for chest fat loss, but they rarely work out because of an anti-e, but rather from losing fat in general and/or lipoderm, JMO.

  7. everyone has a good pt. thx for the feedback. i suspect that i may have a slight case of gyno. there isn't a noticable lump. about a month ago i went to a surgery clinic after my family's doc said i had it. the surgon told me the pice would be around $3800. lil out of my league. he then said that i don't have it real bad and surgery shouldn't be an option right now. just cut some fat and i should be fine.

  8. Knox,
    I think you have a cool idea here. However, I hear the effectiveness level for using Nolva for this purpose (chest fat reduction, not PCT) is 80 mgs/day.

    I think this would make a cool cycle journal if you could take measurements & photos. Please consider starting one in the cycle forum. I also have this problem from losing 180 lbs.

    As far as the Tribex, there is ample proof that Tribulus RAISES estrogen levels, so you would be blunting some of the Nolva effect. You would be better off using just Avena Sativa......which is the best part about Tribex anyway.

  9. hey thanks for the info skark. i was wondering about the mgs/day since it won't be for PCT. should i hold it at 80mg per day or just for the first 2 weeks then maybe drop to 40 to 20mg a day? i also was wondering about the percentage of tamoxifen you get when..for example, you take 40mg per day. i read somewhere that you really take that times 1.5 for the actual tamoxifen you ingest. but i'm not sure if that is just for the pills or/and liquid. i will will keep you guys posted on this cycle. but i don't have a digital camera or a scanner on hand but eventually i may get some photos up. as far as the understanding is that it raises both testosterone and estrogen to normal levels in the body.

  10. Knox,
    The guys I've spoken to used 80 mgs/day for 4 weeks, and said it really helped, although I just have their word to go on, thats why I wanted to see a more objective experiment. Yes, 80 mgs/day for a month will get expensive. If you didn't know, Custom (a board sponser) sells Tamoxifin (sp) Citrate powder, 3 grams for $ would use 2.4 grams in a month at 80. Thats why I recently bought 15 grams from him, because I want to run this too after I finish losing the weight and give my skin a chance to tighten up a little.

    Yes, when you buy the Tamoxifin Citrate, you are not getting 100% Nolva, but I wouldn't say that means you want to run 120 mgs or anything, just stick with 80 and the Lipo product. In addition, the guys at Avant say that taking yohimbe orally can also help a little on this type of fat.

    I've taken Tribex AND Avena Sativa alone, and its the Sativa that drives the product. And its really cheap too, $5 for 50 grams at BAC (take 1.5-2 grams per day).

    Keep us posted!

  11. hey skark thanks for the advice. i'm sure i have enough nolva for the 80mg per day for this cycle so it shouldn't be a problem. i'm pretty sure yohimbe is in the lipoderm-ultra but...i will look into it adding some more. so far my cycle will look abit like this. ----nolva-80mg per day
    ----tribex, 8 capsules a day
    ----lipo 6, 4 capsules a day
    ----lipoderm-ultra, 8 aplications per day
    i will keep everyone posted with this cycle and thank you for all the help.


  12. Just wanted to bump this thread...Knox very interesting I would like to see your results. Are you going to do some measments and document your progress? How about using calipers to measure the fat around your chest?

  13. thanks. Nate Dawg set me up w/ this cycle..... he better hope it works i'll be starting june 28. i have already started taking measurements and will be keeping a week-by-week journal of this cycle. i haven't seen too many cycles similar to this one so i imagine there might be a few curious fella's wondering if it works.


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