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    does anyone know of any millenium sport deals going on right now? mycogreen is probably one of my favorite supplements, and i want to stock up. it seems like i can never find it on sale though. anyone know of deals out there?



  2. i havent heard any going on right now

  3. I'd hit up one of their reps, they've always been very helpful to me. Good choice on the Mycogreens, I use it as well.

  4. good idea, ill seach and try to find a rep. i assume there are some on this site right.

    for any of you thinking about trying mycogreen by millenium sports, here is my review i posted on another site.

    i finished off 2 bottles of mycogreen a few months ago, but forgot to write a review. im surprised no one has reviewed this yet, because my overall experience with the product was very good. directions say to take (3) capsules 1-4 time daily with meals. so its basically saying take 3-12 capsules a day, which is a very wide range. i took (2) capsules 2-3 times a day (workout days i would have the extra (2) capsules post-workout) to my surprise, this product was something i actually felt working. my digestion was NOTICEABLY better, even with my high protein intake. i felt "cleaner" while taking this. i had less stomach issues, and my "protein farts" weren't nearly as bad from before using this product, which is good lol. im probably going to pickup a few more bottles of this stuff after trying other greens products since. i still like this one the best.


  5. I too dosed some post-workout and noticed a pleasant difference.

  6. yes, this is the only greens product i could actually feel working. mycogreen is pretty cheap, but a bottle can go quickly.


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