what could this be?! need some insight

  1. Exclamation what could this be?! need some insight

    So took DAA for five days, nipple is puffy and feels just not normal tingles kinda feels like its leaking liquid but when i squeeze it nothing comes out, but i stopped taking it, should everything go back to normal? or should i get on a ai real fast. I just got p5p plz help im kinda nervous :/

  2. any help or thoughts at all would really help im freaking out :O

  3. find a thirsty baby?

  4. prolactin
    vitex, p5p, maca, l-dopa, any kind of dopamine precurser
    get it now and stop daa
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  5. ok thank you man and brock ur an ass lol that was funny tho

  6. :P
    hope all turns out well for ya man!


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