Okay, i've been on the CKD keto diet now for 2 months to drop bodyfat and add some slight muscle and it's been going pretty good. I've done this diet many times before with good results. It's helped me go from 24%bf to 13% in well under a years time.
I'm about to start a cycle of Mdrol and AndroHard in hopes of furthering my progress towards my goal of getting close to 10% bodyfat while adding a slight amount of lean mass. I've been toying with the idea of throwing in a small amount of T3 while on cycle as well, but that prob will be too much. I'm also cycling ECA/Clen in and out every two weeks, and I plan on doing so while on cycle. I have all the proper cycle support supps as well.
I've used Mdrol before, as well as many other AAS and PH's with success. I've been training for 8 years. My question is should I drop my keto diet while on this cycle, or can I stay on keto and just carb up all day every saturday and sunday?