Hemavol, Plasmatic EP, Animal Pump.......too many choices

  1. Hemavol, Plasmatic EP, Animal Pump.......too many choices

    Hi guys, im new to this site and i have a few questions about my next pre-wo. Ive taken quite a few pre's before, and my favorite is animal pump, but im wanting to try something new this time. Ive looked at plasmatic, hemavol, and bulk gplc. Do you guys think any of these would stack well together, or should i just buy a few bulk powders(gplc, gms, citrulline malate, BA, creatine, taurine) and mix them together with some crystal light? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Really depends if you want to buy a bunch of powders and mix em yourself. Most of these products are dosed appropriately and put together for you, so all you have to do is take them. With that being said, the only one out of the bunch you listed I've used is hemavol and I can say I doubt it will let you down. It has gotten great consistent reviews.


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