The precision nutrition advantage?

  1. The precision nutrition advantage?

    Hey, anybody ever order supps from this guy? i thought i would get some because he is in canada, but he has been dicking me around for weeks, (i know, always order from board sponsors) but i ordered under the assumption that becuase he was local it would be fast delivery and no customs hassles

    (he posts on boards, ThePNA)

    ps if this is in the wrong forum im sorry

  2. whats the hell does he sell?

  3. What kind of stuff does he sell and how long have you been waiting for the order?

  4. Sorry i was tired when i posted that,

    He said he can get anything, so i ordered some M5aa (got gouged) a big 10lb sack of ON100% (good price) and some other **** (cant even remember)
    Its been like a month or so.. he kept telling me that he was waiting for some of the items to come in (tossed 300$ his way) and that he would send it out the next week.

    I posted a question to him in the middle of a thread and he said he would resend the package and provide a tracking number this time, and if the other one gets here i can keep it.
    I guess well see if he comes through

    Jon beckstead, lives in ontario

  5. Dems some high prices. Some of those may be higher than retail. I'm sorry to say that even if you get your stuff, you got ripped. Just chalk it up as a lesson learned I guess.


  6. remember that it is canadian. Even still, not the best prices.

  7. Hey, everybody, this is my first post here. To answer your question, PNA is legit i've ordered from him in the past I met him on forum also. It just takes him a while to ship out. I usually have to wait about 3 weeks before I get my stuff. Hope this helps.

  8. I placed an order from him for some legal stuff. His prices are "OK", but still not the best - but not the worst (in Canada). Problem is, he doesn't take credit cards, so you're going to fork over some extra money for a money order, and have to wait for the money order to be delivered to him.

    Plus my biggest beef, is that he charges you shipping for each and every item ordered, and he gouges the delivery at that.

    In the end, I ended up spending much more money than I would have if I ordered somewhere else, and I still haven't received my bottle yet. Live and learn I guess...

  9. Well at least he apperently delivers..

    Keep in mind these are canadian prices, but they still arnt great.
    He charged me 70$ for a bottle of M5AA


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