Beginners steroid cycle, help?

  1. Beginners steroid cycle, help?

    I'm thinking about doing a 'beginners cycle' of steroids at some point in the future. And I need some help. I was interested in doing Sustanon and Dbol.

    What I need help with are the following: Pct, how long of a cycle, and when I'd take Sustanon, and when I'd take the Dbols.

    Please keep in mind, I don't plan on doing this cycle, any time soon. Not until I am 100% sure I know what I am doing, and right now all I know is the standard information I got off iSteroids over the past few months. I'm just coming here because a friend recommended the site and told me the people aren't clinically retarded like the Bodybuilding dot com community.

    Stats? 20 YO, 170lbs, 5'9 and I've been training for a year and 4 months(I think).

  2. Go post this in the anabolics section and you will get help there.

  3. Wait a year, and come back! You will regret using so early! If you refuse to do this i would recomend you find out what side effects you are geniticly prone to, the arm your self apporoately. As for a cycle i would recomend:
    Weeks 1-12 Test Eth 250mg on Mon. & Wens.
    Weeks 2-14 HCG 250IU on Mon. & Wens.
    Weeks 15 & 16 Clomid 50mg ED
    Weeks 17 & 18 Novla 40mg ED
    If you insist on others tell us what your prone to.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by LiveNDie View Post
    Wait a year, and come back! .
    Ah, didn't catch his age. Good catch live.

  5. Like I stated I don't plan on doing it any time soon.

  6. work on studying others posts and prowl the net to find stuff. I ran one last summer at 21 and it was dumb but I had proper support and PCT. Also ran an incorrect cycle when 20 both PH's. Not smart on my part and I regret it, so make sure you know everything and wait some time

  7. I would not recommend steroids until you have at least 3 years working out ... you really need to reach your genetic potential first before using such products and gain some mass and strengt naturally first. This way, if you run a cycle or few, and then decided to stop it will be easier to maintain that newly gained mass and not lose everything.

    Personally, I really think with patience you can achieve great results without steroids especially given your young age. I have seen many youngsters your age, that have achieved amazing results (that most would think they are using steroids) and impressive physique naturally


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