shady close-to-expiration supplement

  1. shady close-to-expiration supplement

    I got this thing from the vitamin shoppe called Effervescnet NITRO-ATP (Low Carbohydrate Creatine Delivery) from Urban Biologics (Yellow Label guys). Its expiration date is august 2004 so the lady there sold it to me for 80% off. Anyway, this stuff comes in little individual packets is the most gawd-awful tasting crap you could ever imagine, serious. so bad that i think it already expired.

    Here are the ingrediants:

    Niacin 50mg
    sodium 114mg
    potassium 57mg
    phosphorus 150mg
    Creatine Monohydrate 5g
    L-arginine 3g
    L-glutamine 2.5g
    l-lysine 500mg
    INZITOL (D-Pinitol) 50mg (what the hell is this)

    okay, so nothing groundbreaking, but none of those ingrediants can kill me right? basically is it okay to keep taking this stuff, and also whats the repuation of Urban Biologics?

  2. Urban Biologics is actually a sister company of Klein Becker...they're the ones who came out with Zantrex, Cutting Gel, etc...Their products are typically way overpriced.

    The ingredients look fine, but the bad taste probably comes from the arginine (awful tasting stuff) and sodium.

    The Inzitol is in the family of Inositol (a lipotropic), but has insulin mimiking effects (creatine transport). I think it comes from pine trees (?)

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