hello new here, but I heard everyone on here is very knowledgable! so heres my ?

  1. Talking hello new here, but I heard everyone on here is very knowledgable! so heres my ?

    So i went into Vitamin shoppe hoping to find Halodrol Mt liquid gels, but instead found 1 Alpha by Advanced Muscle Science, is this a Pro hormone? they also have 19 alpha. Which would be better to get out of these 4.

    jungle Warfare stacked with activate extreme


    1 Alpha/Activate Extreme

    halodrol mt/Activate extreme

    19 Alpha/activate extreme

    Thanks! Chris

  2. Hi Chris,

    Welcome to the forum. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, as far as your past history of lifting? We'll be able to help you a little better if we know that.

  3. Sure can im 20, been lifting seriously for about 4 years now, Im 174 pounds according to this mornings scale, im 5'11 10% BF and im eating 4500 cals a day (IM bulking), for supps I have used creatine..all kinds, currently using Sizeon, preworkout white Flood, and I used activate extreme 2 months ago with good gains, protein and vitamins. But im going to do another cycle of Activate extreme but I want to stack it with something, im was looking into the above supps.

  4. anyone? it would be extremely helpful so i can make my decision before tomorrow

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