Why does Ephedra make me lethargic?

  1. Why does Ephedra make me lethargic?

    Im using the eca stack at 25 mg e 200 mg caf and 1 baby asprin and the nmy second dose is 12.5mgs e 200mg caf 1 baby asprin

    this happend last time i used it i feel like im on sd again i have nooooooo energy

    anyone have an explination and or remedy
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. First, only take 1 baby aspirin a day, the long half life will compensate for that. Otherwise you can experience a 4 hours intensely bleeding popped zit, like I have in the past.

    Your second dose of caffeine should only be 100mgs as per the research and the dosage of E you are showing.

    But anyway, describe the lethargy you experience a bit better. I personally experience a tired body feeling, but racing mind type with ECA, and that is because of the overdrive your sympathetic nervous system running in circles expending nutrients as energy, tiring out your CNS.
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  3. this is it my body is tired but mind is alert thanks bro you hit it dead on
    should i cyclke 5 days on 2 off?
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  4. Quote Originally Posted by schwellington View Post
    this is it my body is tired but mind is alert thanks bro you hit it dead on
    should i cyclke 5 days on 2 off?
    I didn't, but can't see any negative to it. Would give your adrenals a slight break between weeks.
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  5. if you do 5 and 2.. then maybe check out some:
    Vit C
    Vit E

    That would be a good adrenal tonic for alleviating adrenal fatigue. And if you have it, Pregnenolone since it is a precursor to many adrenal gland hormones.
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