Eviscerate Smoulder

  1. Eviscerate Smoulder

    is this worth buying for target fatloss? im looking to apply it to areas where i would like to see some skin tightening. i am debating between this and a fat burner

  2. Hey mang, I'm also debating whether to try this new version of eviscerate. I read here somewhere that the burning feeling isn't as intense as the older version which is good. My plan is to stack eviscerate with a fat burner like alpha-t2 and clenbutrx or eviscerate/alpha-t2/lean xtreme. t2/erase worked good on me so im also considering that stack.

  3. yeah i would appriciate someone informing me for a good protocol use for this, and when to use it eg. after workout, wake up, after shower and so on because im clueless

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