Hey everyone, heres the issue. I want to dose 3 RPM's with 2 ALPHA T2 first thing in the morning at 7am to have the full effects. But I have practice from 8-9:30am which includes sprinting and strength training and I don't want to show up without any food in my stomach... so here are the options

Dose RPM and ALPHA T2 upon waking, eat a banana 45min later?

Eat banana at 6am then dose RPM and ALPHA T2 at 7:45?

I want the full effects of performance enhancement and fat utilization but do not want to jeopardize performance during practice...can it be done in a fasted state??

(couple notes) I do eat a fairly high carb dinner the night before. I do take an intra-workout product (POWERvSHOCK by VPX).

Any tips guys?

Thanks a ton everyone!