Have never done cardio(cutting) and need some advices

  1. Have never done cardio(cutting) and need some advices

    Hi Folks, this will be my very first mini-cutting (iīm not that fat but i am getting some belly and "round face"). It will only be for 1 or 2 months at max.
    So i have already my cutting diet (made by nutricionist) but iīm still searching for a fat burner that will not mess with my thyroid.
    Data: 184,8lb
    BF: 15%

    But since this is a sup. forum i will ask how to avoid catabolism in my case: I will need to do some cardio AFTER my workouts (i donīt have much time in the week for do it separately).

    What i have in mind:
    Pre: ASGT
    Intra: nothing
    Pos: Creapure + Whey (1 scoop) + dextrose (only 1 scoop, it was 2 at bulking) + BC+EAA (?)

    And than cardio (20~30min at max)

    I know thatīs really not correct and i have many doubts about BC+EAA actually.
    I have read many thing like "take it intra", "donīt take with whey", "you must take +30g daily" and i am confused with so many theories and different logs.

    Diet is Ok (~3100 kcal daily, thatīs my maintenance needs actually), i was bulking with 4500kcal and i was able to get 1~2lb per month without any problem

    How would you advice me to manage my sup. schedule for my first cutting?

  2. Supps should be kept to a minimum for a cut and the emphasis should be on diet and training.

    ASGT is a good pre-workout so if you need a kick then this is a good choice. When cutting I don't normally bother with a pre-workout and will use a fat burner for the stim effect to get me through the workout. There are plenty of fat burners out there but MST Shred or an ECA stack both work very well for me.

    Post workout with the whey is fine but is the dextrose worked into your diet? You don't mention the macros (protein/carbs/fat) in the diet but if the dextrose fits in with that then it's ok to take it. Personally I stick to oats in my PWO or have a 'real' meal i.e. solid food.

    BCAAs are good on a low carb diet but I've ran 40/40/20 (pro/carb/fat) style diets at 250 cals below maintenance with plenty of cardio and not taken BCAAs and not lost any noticeable amount of muscle. On a low carb or carb cycling diet I will normally use Purple Wraath during my workout for BCAAs but if I am just reducing my calories and not going low carb then I don't bother with BCAAs.

    3100 cals is quite high for 185lbs but you can always monitor your weight/fat loss each week and adjust as necessary.

  3. Thanks a lot!
    Dextrose worked for bulk but i am kinda worried since iīll try to lose some fat and carbs like these arenīt the best choice at all.
    I really canīt say how are the macros since i just let my nutritionist make it (and i never stop to calculate this), so i just trusting in what he does (and hope he does it well lol).

    Iīll take some pre-w for now just because i donīt have any fatburner at hand

    But asking a bit off topic, doing cardio after workout or fasting at morning is a personal choice or there is a "can go wrong" way to do it?

  4. Fasted cardio, especially HIIT, is normally recommended for losing fat quickly but if your diet is spot-on then you don't need cardio to lose fat. If the only time you can do cardio is after weights then just do it then.

  5. Thanks again, iīll see how it goes for the next days. I personally donīt think i getting that fat but....everyone else does and comment it (maybe i am or maybe they see me getting bigger but only see the fat and not muscle).

  6. Warsteiner hit on all the points I was going to make..Listen to the man!

    NJ War.


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