Beast Kick in time?

  1. Beast Kick in time?

    hey gents (and ladies)
    im on day 15 of a beastdrol cycle @ 20mg/day. diet is nice and clean, 3300cal/day 200g protein, mostly chicken and nuts (and chocolate)..and lots of milk!

    anywho, my training consists of T/Th/Sat on weights (DL, cleans, squats, dumbell work - you know the norm), M/W/F jitsu, mma sparring, kettlebells, agility runs and sundays are thai boxing technique/wrestling and crossfit. ive been doing this routine for 5 years so my body recovers rather quickly.

    i walk around @ 230, after 2 weeks on the beast im up to 232, i fluctuate from day to day based on water, my intake is around 1.5-2 gallons a day depending on training for the day (i might drink 1/2 gallon just @ jitsu practice alone)

    Im concerened as i havent seen any effects of really anything, no sides, no real muscular change in vascularity/pump/thickness and no strength increase (baseline precycle was 245x5x3 bench and 1RM @ 295)

    during cycle i'm taking the appropriate supports and am also running sustain Aplha 3on 3 off and have been taking toco-8 daily for about 2 months. pct will go TRS (sustain 5on 2off, toco-8/endoampMax Evday) and Nolva 20/20/10/10 (would like advice on pct). should i throw in a test booster? i.e triple threat or hcgenerate during pct?

    should i bump to 30mg/day? am i not eating enough? has anyone seen a long kick in time with beast?

    help/advice/flames all welcome.

  2. All I can think of is that 3300 calories is not very much for someone that's 232 pounds, you will surely need more to bulk. 3300 sounds like maintenance calories. Although I am still surprised that you aren't feeling more from the Beastdrol. I recommend you do 2 things 1) take beast to 30mg a day and 2) increase calories to at least 4,000 a day. If that doesn't have you gaining then I don't know what to tell you.
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  3. day 22 on beast, @ 30mg/day (bumped up @ day 15) and about 4500cals. still no change :/ feels like a placebo effect, no pump, no strength/size gains, no real sides (no back pump, no acne, a little ball atrophy right side only). i know everybody's body works differently, mine just must not respond to SD. I did an Epi-strong cycle beginning of year and LOVED it, just swelled up massively. Even my wifey mentioned the night and day difference between me on Epi and me on beast.

    wondering if i should bridge to epi-strong or just finish out the next week, pct and recover. kinda bummed

  4. hmm weird

    but superdrol is very weird, its very strong for those it works on but on some other people it just doesnt

    this isnt the first ive heard about superdrol not working on someone

    idk i would suggest your wrap it up, save eip for later, you might even consider boladrol down the road
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