I love you Universal/Animal and or LG

  1. I love you Universal/Animal and or LG

    So I started Animal Flex and Ghenerate + I Gh-1 three days ago, and Im not sure who to thank. I have been plagued by shoulder pain and elbow swelling/pain for 4 months since I jacked my arm up during skull crushers. My shoulder hurt me during all bench, specifically anything inclined, and pretty much made workouts miserable and painful, but I pushed through. After taking these with my new stack over the past three days, I have not had pain in these ares once. I did I full body workout (Suicide I know, but I came off a break and had all my knew stuff, and I wanted to hit it hard.) I PRed in squat and deadlift, and I benched my highest 7 rep sets ever. Today a tricept day, which always hurts. and I did both workouts, all without pain. I also shrugged and did curls for the first time in months, without pain. I am pretty much uncontainably happy about not hurting while Im working out. Its refreshing to workout and the only burn be the good kind. So, Thank you for your wonderful amazing products and making me back into a capable weight destroying machine. not just gota get some N2KTS and then ill be set hahaha. You have made one more customer for life, and everyone will be hearing about it.

  2. animal flex is a really comprehensive supp, much like the majority of their well thought out animal line
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  3. Both are great products!, GHenerate is a hell of a product!, some to also read below...

    GHenerate rebuilt my shoulder...LITERALLY

  4. Yea plus Ghenerate made me sleep so good last night and after a pretty hard workout I feel great Love these two

  5. After reading about your experience with animal flex I remembered I had a can in the back of my supp cabinet... Went to pop one and guess what... It was expired!!

    Being the meat head I am I normally would have still taken it, but the pills were all turning brown and stunk to high heaven. Son of a bitch!! Lol


  6. Haha they stink even when are fresh my friend you open that tub and you know what your getting hahaha ! Awh man that sucks. I'm sure some of the pills would be fine still


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